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Demented with art

If Damien Hirst can cut a cow in half and some fella can sell elephant shit , then why not me?'

square damien hirst png wet piss painting .png

Pictured above: Damian Hirst receiving the 'Happy Wet Piss' painting.

after becoming infatuated with an artist called 'Calliste' and being amazed how easy it was to call any old shit art, after causing countless arguments and debates over 'who has the right to call themselves an artist, I decided to prove a point.

One night myself and my mate 'Scully' decided to produce a piece of art when we were high as a kite. Armed with oils and easels, we donned our improvised painting outfits of shower caps and dressing gowns and voila, 'The Happy Wet Piss' painting' was born.

Meanwhile, a fantastically, well known artist by the name of 'Damien Hirst' gifted me a personalised spin painting an a fish trapped in formaldehyde in exchange for my 'happy wet piss' painting that now has pride of placement on Damien's office wall.

So having proven my point that art is in the eye of the beholder , my foray into the art world was undoubtedly a 100% success I was offered a huge amount of money to sell the piece , instead my work now sits on 'Damien Hirst's' wall , I always aim high you will be surprised sometimes at the results.

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